ECCHO Education Subscriber Sign-Up Process

Every financial institution needs to understand the rules and regulationsthat govern check, and wants great training and support for their check staff. It’s not always easy to find the right resources to help – until now. ECCHO Education Subscriber provides education and support to all financial institutions who are not ECCHO members. If you need a resource for education, if you need help with a specific issue, then ECCHO Education Subscriber is for YOU.


Subscribers have unlimited access to the ECCHO on-demand education library:

 - What Do I Do When?

 - All About Check

 - Complimentary Webinars

 - Access extends to a wealth of check-related resources, such as sample documents, white papers, ECCHO member adjustments contact lists , etc.


 - When you have questions or need help, who do you call?

 - Call us for the 411/911: If you need information, if you need help. . . talk to an expert to gain understanding or get help with a challenging issue. 


 - Most Check education qualifies for NCP Continuing Education Credits – it’s one more resource to help maintain your NCP credential 

 - Subscribers have access to the NCP Program at reduced rates!

 - Reduced exam fees • Reduced CE credit filing fees


Annual subscription to ECCHOEd. Subscriber annual fees are based on deposit size:

<$500MM = $250

$500MM - $5B = $500

>$5B = $1,000